Fort Leonard Wood



 "Show Some Love"

The Ft. Leonard Wood Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) offers civilian and military employees the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those in need.  This year's theme is "Show Some Love."

I am proud to serve on the Gateway CFC Leadership Committee, which serves all federal employees in 120 counties across eastern Missouri, including Fort Leonard Wood, southern Illinois, and four counties in Kentucky.  We are excited to kick off our local campaign and implement new strategies this year.  One of the exciting new tools we have is that full time DoD personnel can make their CFC pledge through their personal link in the on-line MyPay system.  Our continued partnership with the Gateway CFC region makes us confident we will exceed last year's contributions.

I encourage you to join us during this campaign season, which runs from 3 Oct - 30 Nov 16.  I also invite you to participate in our CFC Charity Fair event on 5 Oct 16 at the Fort Leonard Wood United Service Organization (USO), scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Several local charities will be present to talk with you about the CFC mission and the accomplishments which can be achieved through your donations.  Many of these charities are located in the Waynesville and St. Robert areas and provide outstanding support and services to our Soldiers and their families.      

I ask that you support this year's CFC Campaign by promoting and supporting the idea of giving to those less fortunate; even small donations can make a huge impact.  There are over 20,000 charities that you may choose from, focusing on a variety of different needs and interests.  In my mind, giving brings us closer to creating the world we all want to live in.  For theSoldiers and Civilians of Ft. Leonard Wood who serve this great nation, I truly believe that giving is in our nature.  And research shows that happier people give more and giving makes people happier.

The CFC Leadership would also like to extend a special thanks to all volunteer campaign coordinators and key workers in support of this year's campaign and for taking the time to support this excellent cause. Congratulations for joining our team and thanks because you inspire us all to "Show Some Love."


Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Gateway CFC Leadership Committee, and Deputy to the Commanding General, Fort Leonard Wood, MO