Pledge online myPay

  myPay how-to-use (if you plan to use myPay to make your CFC pledge - please view this presentation)

Please be sure to enter your Gateway CFC Account Number and ONLY your Gateway CFC Account Number in the window/field which asks for:

"Federal Department / Agency and Office (Alphanumeric field).  Please enter your office location or code provided by your campaign worker."

Account numbers for Scott Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood and all other Gateway CFC Accounts  If you are uncertain and your campaign worker is unavailable, contact the Gateway CFC office at 314-621-6182 ext. 1 or email

Keyworkers & Campaign Coordinators will be provided a pad of post-it notes so they can fill in the appropriate account number and distribute to individual work stations.

Here is a sample of the post-it note, enter your units account
in the space where you see the account number 3285.