“Show Some Love”
FALL 2016 Gateway CFC Campaign

It is my honor and privilege to be selected to serve as your Campaign Chair for this year’s Gateway Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  I’m counting on you and about a thousand volunteers to help us share this years’ theme “Show Some Love” and build support for a wonderful, wide variety of charities.  The following is provided for your consideration.

CFC is a ‘Model of Success’.  It is the largest and most successful workplace giving campaign in the world. The contributions of federal, military and postal employees have generated more than $8 billion since its creation in 1964.  Continuing a long-standing tradition of selfless giving, in 2015 employees like you raised more than $177 million for charitable causes around the world.  Here in the Gateway CFC region, we contributed an impressive $2,381,907 to that total.
CFC Leverages billions of additional funds for charities.  Your contributions can turn donated dollars into many more funds at the local market level to maximize help to someone affected by life changing events.
Choose where your money goes.  This year, you can choose from more than 20,000 charities which applied and were accepted in the CFC.  The Catalog will list 380 organizations that are “local” to the Gateway-region, along with 2,603 national and international organizations. 

Beginning in October, the 2016 Catalog of Caring will be distributed by your organization’s leadership and CFC Keyworkers.  Please take some time to think about what impacts you will have through the gift of giving—your ability to affect the lives of family members, friends, and neighbors.  The CFC is and has always been the bridge between those that need help and those who can help.  CFC is an easy and efficient way to “Show Some Love”!

On behalf of participating charities and the entire CFC team--“Thanks and Good on Ya!”


Commander James Wong, United States Navy, Chair, Gateway CFC Leadership Committee and
Executive Officer, Defense Contract Management Agency-Boeing St. Louis

Commander Wong was the recipient of the Greater St. Louis Regional Federal Executive Board 2016 Excellence in Government Community Service Award for both individual and team categories as the best of more than 87 government organizations.  He was recognized for his public service in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) outreach to inspire the next generation scientists, honoring Combat Veterans at memorial events, and serving as an academic advisor on a joint applied thesis project leading to a service member’s completion of a graduate school degree.