LFCC Governance

The roles and responsibilities of the Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) are fully defined in CFR Part 950 --Combined Federal Campaign regulations.  The following guidelines provide the basis for the Gateway LFCC’s mission, responsibility, and organization.


The LFCC provides leadership for the Gateway Combined Federal Campaign to ensure effective management, fundraising, and accountability.


Selection and supervision of the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO).

Conduct appraisals of staff and campaign performance.

Evaluation of Participant Applications.

Overseeing the Campaign
  • Succession plan integration.
  • Review and approve the fundraising and marketing initiatives.
  • Consider regular status reports on the campaign.
Financial Accountability

  • Budget formulation and approval.
  • Review and approval of expenses.
  • Financial review.
  • Periodic campaign reports.
  • Review of annual Audit.
Selection of External Auditor.

Ensure candidates for LFCC membership are recruited and properly trained.


Membership and Terms of Service:

The LFCC shall be comprised of the following members from the geographic area served by the Gateway campaign:

First Vice Chair of the Greater St. Louis Federal Executive Board.

Chair of the previous year’s Gateway Combined Federal Campaign.

Chair of Campaign Finance Committee.

Immediate past LFCC chair.

Representative from each branch of government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial).

A midlevel employee (grade range 7-11, pay bands 1-2, the appropriate military and postal grade).

A new employee with less than 3 years of service.

An employee union representative.

A federal retiree.

At Large Member (The Chair may appoint up to 2 at large members).
for current membership status see: "LFCC Membership Matrix"

Members must reflect a blend of skills and experiences to ensure that the LFCC functions effectively.  Desired skills may include accounting, board membership, public relations, marketing, events management, law, grant making, and other appropriate skills as determined by the LFCC.

LFCC members shall serve for two-year terms.  LFCC members may be re-appointed when their term expires.  The position held by the Chair and Vice Chair will be a single year term.  All terms shall begin on October 1 and end on September 30 of the membership term, with the exception of the Chair of the previous year’s Gateway CFC, whose term shall be April 1 through March 30.  Terms shall be staggered so that not all members transition in a given year.  In the case of vacancy, the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee shall recommend a replacement appointment to fill the unexpired portion of the term.

LFCC members shall be automatically removed should she/he miss two consecutive meetings without notice to the Chairperson of the reason for such absence.  At the Chairperson’s discretion, absences may be excused.


Chair—this position will be filled by election from within the LFCC membership.

Vice chair—the Combined Federal Campaign chair from the previous year will fill this position.

Finance Committee Chair/Treasurer— this position will be appointed by the LFCC Chair.

Secretary— this position will be filled by election from within the LFCC membership.

The LFCC may create other officer positions as required to accomplish the LFCC’s mission.  Should the Chairperson be unable to exercise the duties of this position during a term of office, the Vice Chairperson shall assume this role.

Other LFCC Membership—All remaining vacancies will be appointed by the LFCC Chair subject to the LFCC’s  ratification.   All appointments and elections shall be conducted in the August-September timeframe of each year, or as needed to fill unexpired terms.

Conflict of Interest

LFCC members shall not serve in any official capacity on the board of directors of any organization that serves as Gateway’s Principle Combined Fund Organization.  Office of Government Ethics and Department of Justice opinions prohibit an officer or employee of the Executive Branch from participating as a government official in any particular matter in which an organization he or she is serving as an officer, director, trustee, general partner or employee has a financial interest.  This includes service on a board of an outside non-profit agency.

LFCC members may serve on boards of non-profit agencies subject to consultation with the LFCC and if such Board membership is an acknowledgement of an individual’s personal efforts, interests, or community ties.  But even then, a federal employee must be recused on matters related to their federal employment, including the LFCC.

Each year, LFCC members shall be required to sign a “conflict of interest” statement.

Meetings and Committees

The LFCC shall meet quarterly or as determined by the LFCC Chair.  Proxies shall not be allowed and representatives shall not be allowed to attend meetings in lieu of LFCC members.  A quorum for the conduct of business shall be fifty percent of the LFCC members.  However, the Chair is authorized to submit proposed resolutions via electronic vote if seconded by another member.  A quorum of LFCC members must vote before a resolution can be adopted or defeated.  Copies of all electronic ballots shall be attached to the proposed resolution to document adoption or defeat.  Roberts Rules of Order, most recently revised version, shall serve as the parliamentary authority for the conduct of business.  The first LFCC meeting held after the beginning of the fiscal year shall be designated the Annual Meeting.

The minutes of LFCC meetings shall be made available to the public and provided to the Office of Personnel Management.  The LFCC shall prepare and distribute a tentative calendar of meetings and events for the coming year at the Annual Meeting.

The LFCC shall establish those committees necessary for the conduct of business.  The Chair shall appoint the chairs of all committees and the CFC Chairperson.  Committee chairs and members need not be LFCC members.  At a minimum, the LFCC shall have a:

PCFO Review Committee reviews PCFO applications and presents its recommendations to the LFCC.

Eligibility Committee reviews applications and recommends charities to the LFCC for inclusion in the annual Campaign.

Campaign Leadership manages the annual Campaign.  The Campaign Chair oversees the development and implementation of the strategy, marketing, training, and volunteer recruitment.  The Chair works directly with the PCFO staff during the campaign season.  The Gateway Campaign has a succession plan that establishes the Leadership Team.

Finance Committee directs all financial activity including annual budget development, monitoring expenses, annual audit engagement, and interaction with the PCFO’s financial staff.

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee assists in the review and recommendation of new members.  The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee shall coordinate appropriate orientation for new LFCC members and shall conduct annual refresher training for all LFCC members.
Amendment and Revision of the Governing Document

This document may be revised by a two-thirds vote, at any duly called meeting, where quorum is present.

Adopted—January 8, 2004
Revised – September 8, 2005
Edit of – October 6, 2005
Revised—November 18, 2005