Tools & Resources for Coordinators & Keyworkers

This page contains materials presented at training and additional information for running your campaign. Use any and all of these materials, modify them, or improve on them. We are always looking for new ideas, so if you have something you would like to use or share with other federal agencies please contact us with your ideas, suggestions, or documents.

      myPay Post-It notes - do them yourself version  

      myPay how-to-use (if you plan to use myPay to make your CFC pledge - please view this presentation)   

     2016 Gateway Combined Federal Campaign Catalog of Caring - smaller file - lower resolution

     2016 Gateway Combined Federal Campaign Catalog of Caring - larger file - higher resolution

     2016 Campaign Coordinator & Keyworker Handbook

 All posters other than the goal posters below are on a seperate page now,
click on "2016 CFC Posters" here or on the main menu tabs on any page

     Gateway CFC Goal Poster small version   8.5 x 11

     Gateway CFC Goal Poster large version  11 x 17

    100% ASK Tracking Tool

     PDF version of the 100% ASK Tracking Tool

    Keyworker Envelope Tracking Sheet

    Keyworker Envelope Tracking Sheet

    Keyworker Report Envelope Tally Sheet (to use instead of the yellow tally sheet included in the Keyworker Report Envelope)

   "Fun"draising Activities 

Fun and creativity are a couple of the secrets to a successful employee fundraising campaign. They help keep employees engaged by communicating the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) message in an interesting way. Coming up with new and fresh ideas every year can be difficult. That's why CFC has assembled some of the best and most
successful ideas into this book. A little planning, creative themes and special events will put your campaign over the top.

Researching the Charities

If you would like more information about the finances, services, benefits or programs an organization provides , you may contact the organization directly using the information provided with their listing in the resource guide or on their web site which you can easily access by using the search charities function on this web site. Interested donors may also obtain information about a charity's finances and compliance with charitable organization standards of accountability by contacting the Better Business Bureau's-Wise Giving Alliance:

For general information about trends in giving and volunteering or data on the nonprofit sector, donors may contact:


America’s Natural and Cultural Resources Volunteer Portal:

Independent Sector:

National Center for Charitable Statistics:

American Association of Fundraising Counsel

Volunteer Match: