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We Make It Possible

     I make it possible.  You CAN make it possible.  The Combined Federal Campaign gives all federal, military and postal employees the opportunity to make a positive life change for those in need.  

     As this year’s chairperson for the Gateway CFC Leadership Committee, I am excited to meet the challenge that I have set forth.  Working with each Federal Organization within the Gateway CFC Region to meet or surpass their 2014 Goal is number one on my agenda.   There are many dedicated people that work both in front and behind the scenes supporting the Gateway CFC and it is my pleasure to be a part of this team.

    I am positive that we all know someone who has benefited from one or more of the thousands of charities that participate in the Combined Federal Campaign.  The CFC has been a benefit in the federal government for the past five decades to ensure each federal worker is given the opportunity to “improve the quality of life for all,” as quoted from the CFC Mission Statement. You can help strengthen the services of your choice of non-profit organizations – ones that help when someone is hit with life changing events like homelessness, disease or natural disasters.  Programs that rescue pets, help with education, preserve nature, and enhance our community are just a few examples of things that can get support through the Gateway CFC.

     We are bouncing back from our fiscal challenges that affected all of us last year. Even though the economy is still tough on us, it is even tougher for those who rely on the special support provided to them by local and/or national non-profit organizations.  With this year’s Gateway CFC theme of “I Make It Possible” we all have the ability to keep that special support going for those in need. 

     It is the dedication and selfless hours put forth by the Federal workers that make our campaign a success.  Please be a part of our TEAM at the Gateway Combined Federal Campaign and show your community that YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE. It is a great way to connect with our community.

     The Gateway CFC Leadership Committee extends our hand to you and wants you to say “I Make It Possible!”
Thank you for your continued support.

Ken Ausbrooks, Chair, Gateway CFC Leadership Committee and
Director, Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) St. Louis, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)